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Make outside playtime enjoyable and relaxing with this excellent choice of conventional and new video games that may quickly turn into playground favourites. The actions use on hand gear corresponding to balls and skipping ropes and may swimsuit person scholars, teams or maybe the complete type.

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He then puts the bat on the ground. ✦ The fielder who retrieves the ball has to throw/roll the ball toward the bat. If he manages to hit it, he becomes the new child to bat. ✦ If someone in the field manages to catch the ball the batter has just hit, then they automatically change places. 34 Playground Games Ball games 29. Rounders Equipment: Soft ball, rounders bat, 4 bases ✦ Divide children into two teams; one to bat and one to field. The batters take it in turn to bat while the fielders defend.

Two little sparrows ✦ This skipping game involves four people, two turning the rope and two skippers. The turners recite the following and the skippers have to perform the actions. Two little sparrows sitting on the wall. ✦ At this point two players jump in and recite their name. One named Stephen, one named Saul. ✦ Each player must wave when his or her name is called. Fly away, Stephen, fly away, Saul. ✦ As their name is called the player then has to exit the rope without tripping over. Don’t you return until your birthday is called.

The first team to have all members successfully completing the walk and back to their place are the winners. 53. Down by the River ✦ Another skipping chant for counting practise Down by the river, down by the sea Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me. I told Ma, Ma told Pa, Johnny got a spanking, ha, ha, ha. How many spankings did Johnny get? One, two, three, four … and so on ✦ 56 Keep counting until the child lapses. You could give out stickers for the highest number of jumps. Playground Games Rope games 54.

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