A Basic Vocabulary of Scientific and Technological German by J. Horne PDF

By J. Horne

ISBN-10: 0080116701

ISBN-13: 9780080116709

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Scrap iron, scrap metal Alter, n. v. ) Althee,/ marshmallow Altruismus, m. regard for others, altruism Aluchiharz, m. v. amalgamate, join, fuse together Amaurose,/ blindness amaurotisch, blind Ambos(s),m. ,«. ) Ameise,/ ant Ameisenigel, m. ) Ameisenlöwe, m. ) ameisensauer, containing formic acid Ameisensäure,/ formic acid ametaból, unchanging, ametabolic, having no metabolism Ametall, n. v. ) Amitose,/ amitosis, direct cell division AMMON Ammon, Ammoniak, Ammonium, n. ammonia amoneal, of the elbow Ampel, Ampulle, / .

Zugeh. Verzeichnis vorigen Jahres vom Jahre vorig von Seiten Verwaltung; Verwendung Wiederholung wissenschaftlich zu, zum, zur Zeitschrift Zeile zum Beispiel Zeitschrift Zusammenstellung zum Teil Zeitung zugehörig XXXVÜ namely, that is to say see, v. improved, corrected association, federation nationalized industry, concern (in DDR) united, associated confer, of. , for example periodical, journal compilation, table partly newspaper, paper appropriate, belonging to I R R E G U L A R VERBS ACCORDING to the vowel changes (ABLAUT), we can group the Irregular Verbs into 14 sections, of which the following samples are important words in their own right and which are here only representatives of larger numbers in each group.

V. v. v. v. v. v. have or carry out an abortion Abperleffekt, m. v. ) Abranchier, m. v. dry by smoking, smoke off, evaporate off Abraum, m. v. rub off, rub down, cleanse, scour, abrade Abreißfeder, / . ) Abreißfunke(n), m. v. ) Abrieb, m. abrasion Abriß, m. v. v. v. v. ) Absatz, m. ) Absaugekolben, m. v. v. v. v. v. screen, protect (by screening), shield, cover Abschlag, m. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. ); take off (lead) (Elect. ); slacken off Abspannklemme,/. anchor clamp, armature clamp Abspannwerk, n.

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