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There are weapons for your inventory, power-ups (fruit, a first-aid kit), and a status bar for health. You control actions such as lifting objects or tuning in a radio receiver, as well as navigate, by scrolling the iPod clickwheel, and you use the select button for shooting or stabbing boars or interacting with NPCs (non-player characters). You have to find your way through a maze of jungle foliage, for example, while fighting off squealing boars and avoiding sinking in the swamp. The fact that Lost feels like such a natural fit for such a game from the start (playing as Jack, you run onto the beach and begin helping the survivors amidst the plane wreckage), even in the limited mobile format, only calls attention to the way the show has from the beginning structured its sets and situations to resemble “maps” and “levels” and gamelike missions and challenges.

These include an “inventory” (later to become a key term in all kinds of games) of “tools,” “weapons,” “instruments,” “clothes,” “utensils”—and books. The inventory of books is short but it includes an atlas, dictionaries, and a Bible, as well as three reams of paper and “2 books with blank pages” (186). It’s hard not to see these blank books as the tempting intertextual tabulae rasae on which Myst the game was “authored” by Rand and Robyn Miller and their team of programmers, inspired by their discovery of Verne’s text.

He was probably thinking of more recent titles as among the Lost team’s “favorites,” but it’s possible he had in mind Myst as well, since the game was so widely known in the mid-1990s’ era of home-computer gaming. ” The show is already a video game at one remove; turning it into an actual video game is simply the final step in actualizing its potential as a cross-media form of expression, a puzzle-adventure franchise. 14 This photoshopped parody image combining worlds The game of Lost 31 vividly represented a significant connection that some viewers had already noticed, between the now-classic best-selling video game of the 1990s and the game-like hit TV show that debuted just over ten years later.

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