Download e-book for kindle: A Family Affair - Necromancer Games (d20 System 3rd by Carla Harker, Bill Webb

By Carla Harker, Bill Webb

ISBN-10: 1594590451

ISBN-13: 9781594590450

Whereas investigating a mysteriously deserted mansion, the adventurers stumble right into a tangled net of kidnapping, robbery and homicide. From a mansion with a perilous mystery to the blood-stained waves of the excessive seas and an old, cursed fort, the adventurers face a succession of deadlier and deadlier foes, with the rescue of innocents and the restoration of wonderful treasure as their final rewards. A relatives Affair contains a totally constructed city atmosphere, various targeted NPCs and quite a lot of demanding competitors. A d20 experience for 4-6 desktops of point eight or better.

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Footlockers stand at the base of each bed, and pegs on the south wall secure a pair of cloaks. The Althere children’s governess and nanny shared this room. Both women died in their sleep, the governess stabbed through the heart and the nanny poisoned with the sassone leaf residue the toy soldiers found in the groundskeeper's cottage. A PC who 30 a family affair examines the body (Heal check DC 13) determines the woman was poisoned, but only a DC 20 Knowledge (nature) check determines the actual poison used.

A silver-handled brush and matching hand mirror rest on the dressing tables. Roll 1d8 and consult the chart below to determine which object the constructs trapped. Table 3–2: Poisoned Furniture d8 Result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7–8 Oak wardrobe Dressing table Mirror frame Ladder-back chair Stool Inner doorknob No trap Contact Poison Trap: CR 5; mechanical; touch trigger (attached); manual reset; poison (nitharit, DC 13 Fortitude save resists, 0/3d6 Con); Search DC 25; Disable Device DC 19. 31. Servants' Rooms Two cots covered in thin sheets are the only furnishings in these two small rooms.

The cause of his death is not immediately apparent. The guard had slipped away from his duties to meet with one of the maids in this room, but she died before she could meet him. If the PCs move the corpse, they see a single thin puncture wound in the back of his armor. A sword pierced his lung, killing him within moments. The agonizing death led to his transformation into a spectre, which rises up from the body and attacks anyone it sees, preferring those holding any type of light source first.

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