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By J. Hicks (Auth.)

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A realistic 'how to do it' ebook written with the layout and welding interface in brain. It informs designers not just of what they need to learn about welding but in addition, and most significantly, units out the data the fashion designer should still supply to the welding engineer or fabrication superintendent in order that the designer's goals could be accomplished, when it comes to engineering functionality, defense, reliability, price and visual appeal

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Some of it is out of date whilst some can be quite incorrect. The following table compares some of the myths of welding with the correct information. 60 Hearsay Correct information Welds should not be used in tension Welds can be made as strong as required which is usually as strong as the metal being joined Mild steel cannot be Most combinations of metals can be welded together provided that their melting points are welded to high not too different tensile steel C 0 2 welding always The quality of a weld depends on the establishgives lack of sidewall ment of a sound welding procedure and fusion adherence to it in production, with properly maintained equipment Welders are awkward people Manual welding is an unusual skill often performed in unusually uncomfortable conditions.

An allowance of about 2mm should be left to prevent melting away of the edge. The reader may find it interesting to repeat this calculation for welds made from one side only as in a tube-to-plate joint. As a practical note, it should be remembered that a fillet weld cannot be made on the corner of a section because the edge melts away and reduces the fillet size. 33). 37 CHAPTER 6 Welding procedures The phrase 'welding procedures' occurs so often in talk about welded products that it is important that its meaning is understood.

Selecting welding consumables such as covered electrodes or wires and fluxes to meet these requirements is a task for the welding engineer not only because it requires specialised knowledge but also because the properties depend on the way the weld is made. This is described in the welding procedure specification which, as we have already seen, is the welding engineer's responsibility. It should then not be necessary for the designer to be concerned about these matters but he is of course entitled to demand evidence, in the form of welding procedure tests, that the materials and methods to be used will be satisfactory.

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