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This can be a striking ebook with many attention-grabbing subject matters. It provides a translation of the textual content entitled “Chariot of Establishment”, Treasure Trove of a brain Absorbed within the Profound which means through the second one Drukchen [1428-1476 C.E.] or chief of the Drukpa Kagyu university of Tibetan Buddhism. to start with, it really is of curiosity just because it's the first significant textual content of Drukpa Kagyu teachings to were translated into English.

The textual content is a compilation of over sixty assorted oral teachings given by means of the second one Drukchen. The compiler, an attendant, tells us that the lessons incorporated have been chosen simply because they determine the final word, non-dual view of the Kagyu culture because it is gifted by means of the Drukpa Kagyu. The textual content starts off with an extended instructing at the view of the Kagyu more often than not, making it of curiosity to all Kagyu fans. a big function of this educating is that it in actual fact exhibits the opposite vacancy method that's on the root of the Kagyu view, notwithstanding does so based on the earliest teachings of the Kagyu lineage during which the identify “Other vacancy” isn't pointed out. via it, we see how different vacancy used to be taught initially within the Kagyu and we see how the Drukpa Kagyu particularly offers the opposite vacancy view of the Kagyu with out utilizing the identify “Other Emptiness”.

The textual content keeps to a moment lengthy instructing during which the second one Drukchen well establishes the view of the tantras as non-dual knowledge noticeable in direct notion. In doing so, he cleanly chops the Tibetan Buddhist colleges who're notorious for insisting that the vacancy of the second one turning of the wheel of the sutra educating is the utltimate non-dual view. it is a attention-grabbing bankruptcy since it indicates a common sense to constructing the view which has hardly been obvious within the West so far. it's going to definitely supply lecturers who've suggestion that the vacancy of the center manner is the final word presentation of the view whatever to imagine about.

The textual content then provides many smaller teachings at the view, regularly almost about the non-dual view of Kalachakra because the final method to identify the view. hence, the booklet additionally includes many teachings on tantra often in addition to many attention-grabbing issues from the Kalachakra. for example, there are transparent factors of mom, father, and non-dual tantra and the way every one calls for a special strategy. One bankruptcy has a desirable presentation which exhibits the that means of Kalachakra; it exhibits that the usual translation of Kalachakra as “Wheel of Time” is mistaken.

A lengthy creation by means of the writer, giving a background of the lineage, a advisor to the opposite vacancy view and the way it really is provided within the quite a few Kagyu faculties, and extra can be of significant support to readers of all degrees. A moment bankruptcy through the writer is devoted to clarifying the that means of the 1st and biggest bankruptcy at the view.

Obviously, the booklet may be of significant curiosity to Drukpa Kagyu fans. despite the fact that, it may be of serious curiosity to a much broader viewers since it indicates how the Kagyus convey the final word, non-dual view and it additionally indicates how the perform of tantra is the last word method of the Buddha’s educating. in my view, i locate this a tough e-book to summarize since it has such a lot of differing threads, all of that are of interest.

The e-book comprises translations of the next texts:

“Chariot of Establishment”, Treasure Trove of a brain Absorbed within the Profound that means

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Here, it is talking about insight that occurs with­ out the use of rational analysis. It is talking about non-dualistic, wisdom mind that takes in the whole situation at once and sees it for what it is. In the end, the reality that is arrived at by each of these methods is not different, therefore it is not the case that the rational analysis of the second turning is being put down as a lesser view by the Kagyus. However, the effectiveness of the approaches that lead to that view is markedly different and the Kagyus are setting that up as a basis for distinguishing the uncommon vehicle as special compared to the common vehicle.

This presentation fits well with their understanding of the tantric teachings of the fourth turning. For them, the Buddha taught the four turnings of the wheel in a pro­ gression of increasing subtlety. That is the view presented by xlvi A JUGGERNAUT OF THE NON-DUAL VIEW Gyalwang ] e and all of the other Kagyu hierarchs. It is also the view of the Nyingma school in general. Qita) was of the opinion that direct yogic percep­ tion could not happen without reasoning as an antecedent. Thus, some Sakya masters have followed the approach of the Nyingma and Kagyu traditions just presented where others have put the second turning as higher than the third turning.

He was excep­ tional because most buddhas teach only the common or conven­ tional or exoteric teachings called sutra but he also taught the entire uncommon or non-conventional or esoteric teachings called tantra. When S hakyamuni Buddha presented these teachings he did so on four major occasions. Each occasion was a universe-shattering event because on each occasion he presented a new body of teach­ ing concerning reality that had been lost from or not heard of in this and other worlds previously.

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