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By Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

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Antiochus' overenthusiasm for Hellenism and his claim to divinity (Theos Epiphanes, "God manifest") provoked the serious Jewish revolt of the Maccabees, which lasted for years. As Seleucid power declined Lebanese mercantile cities pressed toward self-determination. Certain privileges and rights, featured by issuing their own coinage, were given them. C. Before that date Aradus had coined large quantities of silver. On Tyrian coins we find two legends, one in Greek acknowledging dependence on Seleucid kings and the other in Phoenician expressing a measure of independence.

The system was criticized as a "pig philosophy", having for motto "eat and 57 A Short History ofLebanon drink for tomorrow you die" . A Tyrian philosopher, Diodorus (fl. ), headed the Peripatetic school at Athens and attempted a reconciliation between Stoicism and Epicureanism. His thesis was that the greatest good consists in a combination of virtue with the absence of pain. The school derives its name from the walks (peripatos) of the Lyceum at Athens where Aristotle taught. Greek-writing Phoenicians exhibit no striking originality in literary and poetic compositions.

Some 8000 of its citizens were slain in the conflict, 2000 crucified on the beach, and 30,000 sold as slaves. An example was set before any would-be resistant. Therewith ended Tyre's historical role. The victory was celebrated with gymnastic games and a torch race. In full armour Alexander, followed by his officers, entered the temple of Melkarth - to be equated hereafter with Greek Herakles - offered sacrifices and claimed descent from him. The Egyptians yielded as readily as the bulk of Lebanese had done.

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