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By Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn

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Therefore, becoming anached to them prevenrs us from going toward our true goal. In sum, whenever experiences of bliss, clarity, and nonconceptuality arise in meditation, it is important not to become attached to them. The situation is fundamentally the same whether the experiences arise through the path of method or through the practice of tranquility and insight. As, long as we become attached to any meditation experience, we are like a bee that collects honey but never gets to consume it. The contrary is also true: if we are not attached to the experiences in meditation, we are like a bee that actually gets to consume the honey.

The third stanza presents the analogy of a sightless person in a wellilluminated place. If we were to light many lamps in a room that was dark, anyone who could see would be able to perceive things in the room . But if someone were sightless, the illumination of the lamps would have no effect and the person would continue to see nothing. This is an analogy for the way ignorance prevents us from seeing things as they are. The fundamental nature, found within each and every being, is spontaneously present wisdom.

This type of analysis generates a great conceptual certainty that emptiness is indeed the true nature of phenomena. In their spi ritual songs, Kagyli masters of the past have said that those who are learned in reasoning and scripture have lost the meaning of nonduality. What this means is that through the rigorous study of the scriptures and their commentaries and through the application of logical reasoning, we can develop a very refined conceptual understanding 50 A SONG FOR THE KING of the narure of phenomena.

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