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Man was to increase and multiply and be a blessing on earth. ) All things were to fear him (cf. Gen. 9:2). All beasts, winged things, and fish were to be his food, but the blood should not be eaten (cf. Gen. 9:3). The blood of man was to be re­ quired at the hand of man and beast, for man was made in God's image (cf. Gen. 9:5-^6). Noah and his sons swore that they would not eat any blood (Jub. 6:5-10). , Gen. 8 : 5 . ) Lubar is found in the Gen. Apoc. XII. 1 3 ; cf. X . 1 2 ; Heb. Bk. of Noah; and Epiphanius, Pan.

Tertullian, Ap. I, Sodoma 1 (PL. 2 . 1 1 0 1 B), poetically comments on the colors of the bow. ) Passing allusions to the fact of blessing are to be found in Tobit 4 : 1 2 ; Jub. , Recog. i. 30 (PG. 1. 1224). ) To Lactantius, Div. inst. ii. 1 3 (CSEL. 1 9 . 1 6 1 ) , the entire affair made Noah the inventor of wine rather than Bacchus. The claim for Bacchus was only another example of how the Greeks had falsified in their claims to antiquity. Other refer­ ences to Noah's planting are found in Jub.

Tertullian in his argument on monogamy insists that there were t w o , male and female, of all beasts and "pairs of sevens" of the others, De monog. (CSEL. 76. 51). Origen, seemingly expressing the view of Apelles, insists that the repetition of the numeral in the text supports him, C. Celsum iv. 41 (GCS. 2. 3 1 4 ) . The Hebrew Bk. of Noah (A. Jellinek, Bet Ha-Midrasch III, 158-159); and Victorinus, De fabrica mundi 8 (CSEL. 4 9 . 8 ) , give seven unclean animals. Jerome is quite specific in making the point that there was ah "uneven number" of clean animals, Adv.

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