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This is the case if the time between collisions is greater than or comparable to the cyclotron period. If f is the mean free time, then in a strong field Some of the gross properties of a plasma are inferred from the following mathematical development* The analogy between trapping and reflection of single particles and the plasma will be evident* 27 ELECTROSTATIC PROPULSION The macroscopic velocity of the positive ions in the plasma is related to the field variables by the equation (Ref, 7) The velocity v^ is the mean velocity of the ions in a volume "■ · -dir 2 v+ n+ and m* are ion density and mass, respectively» tensor is The stress The momentum transferred to the ions by electrons, per unit time and volume, is P +# The gravitational potential gradient i s V 0 * The analogous equation for electrons is obtained by altering all the subscripts appropriately.

In contrast to the halogens which are highly reactive at elevated tempera­ tures the neutral molecule SF^ is relatively inert chemically. S°C implies that it may be easily trapped at liquid nitrogen temperatures. Hickam and Fox have investigated electron attachment leading to the formation of SF5 and SF£ in sulfur hexafluoride using monoenergetic electrons of established energies of less than 2ev. 5 ©v. In the case of electron capture leading to the formation of SF£, the captire process occurs at less than 0·1 ev and only over an energy range established to be not larger than 0#05 ev.

The Characteristics of Electrical Discharges in Magnetic Fields," McGraw-Hill, New York, 19li9, Ch. , New York, 1956, p. 17. 6 Page, L. and Adams, N. , Ch. VIII. , Rev. Sei. , vol. 25, No. 6, 195U, p. 562 9 Ivey, H. , "Space Charge Limited Currents," in "Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics," vol. 6, Academic Press, New York, 195U, p. 216. 10 Kistemaker, J. and Zilverschoon, C. , "A Magnetic Ion Source of the Heil-type," Physica, vol. 7, No. U3. 11 von Ardenne, "Tabellen der Elektronenphysik, Ionen­ physik and Ubermikroskopie," VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin, 1956, p.

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