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By H. H. Hurt, Jr.

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The glider pilot (or flameout enthusiast) has no recourse but to control airspeed by angle of attack and accept whatever rate of descent is incurred at the various airspeeds. The LSO must become quite proficient at judging the flight path and angle of attack of the airplane in the pattern. The more complete visual reference field available to the LSO allows him to judge the angle of attack of the airplane mote accurately than the pilot. When the airplane approaches the LSO, the precise judgment of airspeed is by the angle of attack rather than the rate of closure.

C,=coeflicient of aerodynamic force ,iay;mic pressure, psf S=surface area, sq. ft. In order to fully appreciate the importance of the aerodynamic force, coe&cient, C,, the above equation is rearranged to alternate forms : In this form, the aerodynamic force coefficient Js appreciared as the aerodynamic force per surface area and dynamic pressure. per ‘area) and the airstream dynamic pressure. All the aerodynamic forces of lift and drag are studied on this basisthe common denominator in each case being surface area and dynamic pressure.

Of course, thr relationship between static pressure and ~elocity along the surface is defined by Bernoulli’s equation. The flow pattern for the cylinder in an actual fluid demonstrates the effect of friction or viscosity. The viscosity of air produces a thin layer of retarded flow immediately adjacent to the surface. The energy expended in this “boundary layer” can alter the pressure distribution and destroy the symmetry of the pattern. The force unbalance caused by the change in pressure distribution creates a drag force which is in addition to the drag due to skin friction.

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